• Lintang Enrico

    Lintang Enrico

    Doing : Creative Director & Composer

    I learn to play instruments since kids and grew in a hoods where tradition and technology walk together. Im also actively and contributed on Soundboutique Forum (forum for electronic musician in Indonesia). Running a studio and making music everyday is always been my purpose. I love to play games and watching comedy. And I love my Jobs.

  • Rangga Sang Eshayoga

    Rangga Sang Eshayoga

    Doing : Sound Designer & Head Audio Enggineer

    A young talented boy who had over five years experience in Electronic Music industry as a dj / producer, and also has a skill in sound designing. After he decide to move into audio post production, with all that skill and dedication, makes him a Head Engineer and Sound Designer at WAIWAI STUDIO Studio and DAW experts from that he also became a instructor at waiwai school teach from basic to expert music production. He also is a fun person and a great friend to work together.