• Composition & Scoring
    Film scoring to suit the needs of producers, directors, project managers and other film professionals. Music for The Big Pictures!!
  • Sound Design
    It is employed in a variety of disciplines including film, sound recording and reproduction, sound art and computer game software development. Sound design most commonly involves the manipulation of previously composed or recorded audio, such as music and sound effects.
  • Audio Editing
    We provide audio editing services to help you sound more professional. Cut out unwanted words and sounds, remove unwanted silence, remove parts of a conversation, add music to your recording, boost the volume etc.
  • Audio Restoration
    Audio restoration is a generalized term for the process of removing imperfections (such as hiss, crackle and buzz ) from sound recordings. The majority of audio restoration done today is done for music sound recordings and soundtracks for motion picture and television programs.
  • Voice Over & Overdubs
    Has the experience and the talent needed to produce high-quality voice productions that deliver your message exactly the way you want it delivered. Outstanding quality at competitive pricing with excellent customer service.
  • Radio Station ID / Spot
    Advanced Concepts offers a wide variety of Radio Station I.D. Packages, including: Shouts, Weatherbeds, Sports I.D.s, Show Intros, and more!
  • Jingles
    Have you ever wanted a professional sounding Jingle for your business but thought it’s just too expensive to develop? We will take your thoughts and ideas and turn them into a jingle that is powerful, memorable and cost effective. A jingle will help you stand out against your competitors, improve your corporate image and ensure your advertising sounds completely professional.
  • Recording
    We have been in the recording business for long time and use that knowledge to help our customers.
  • Remix
    We provide remixes in mutiple formats, for Artist or DJ’s around the world. From Hip Hop to Pop … from Dance to Pop, we have what you need to rock your sounds!
  • Podcasting
    Provides publishers and other content creators with simple podcast-creation solutions create robust, production-quality podcasts. Content creators simply upload their written (textual) content or rough audio content to Waiwai studio website, and we take care of the rest!
  • Mixing
    We provide a high quality mixing service. Working with our mixing engineers will ensure that your music and your projects are taken seriously. We had the best mixing engineers to make your music sound just how you want. Just tell us what you are after and you?ll be amazed by the result.
  • Mastering
    We offer Audio Mastering Service; our experienced mastering engineer can work on the frequencies and dynamics of your music, making it louder, radio ready and compatible with any hi-fi system.
  • Digital Music Production Course
    The essential guide to make better tracks today with expert advice, pro-techniques and step by step guide to optimized your music. Create your own beats, arrange your own compositions, and remix the music you already love, all in newly renovated music education class.

For a list of references, samples, and price quotes please contact our offices, and an Advanced Concepts professional will be in touch with you within 24 hours.