Recording Angklung, Sampek, Gambang & Taganing (Sample/Indonesian Traditional Music Instrument Sound Bank Library)

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Almost every year we have chance to record traditional instruments from Indonesia. This year is Angklung (made from bamboo, can be found in West Java / Sundanesse), Sampek (kind of guitar from last centuries, can be found in Kalimantan/Borneo/Dayak Tribes), Gambang (mallet style kind of marimba/kalimba, can be found in Central Java, Batavia, West Java etc) and Taganing (percussion from West Sumatra/Bataknese).

It tooks one day to record and process in studio to make the sample ready for use. Here’s some photos :

2013-07-24 14.30.21









2013-07-24 14.59.41










2013-07-24 14.49.49








2013-07-24 14.18.50








2013-07-24 14.23.56