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Sorry we’re not updating the news on website recently because the schedule is very close from one to another projects. But we here now to tell you about the good news, first of all let me tell you a lil bit story behind the desk of this games. We’ve been working sound design for the Proverbidioms since November 2011 and it takes bout 3 months to finish it, spend hours and days in the studio to get the best results. Oke, for the technical news is we hunt, manipulate and re-create every single sounds and in the editing and mixing step it takes average more than 60 tracks sounds for each posters. Yes hell-o-lot of tracks and sometimes it makes our Computer RAM lil bit stroke for a seconds.

Once again it because we want to get the best results for this sounds. And we think we’ve achieve that.

Basically is hidden objects games. We have 4 posters and in every posters we have a lot of objects and every objects has their “sounds” so¬†user must look for the objects in each poster. Got it? If dont you cant grab your iPad and start to download the games by clicking link below.

You can download the iPad version here:

According to greenstone games website, the iPhone versions will be available soon. Must wait