Shelter goes to Rotterdam

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In proud we announced that “Shelter” is going to screen at Rotterdam Film Festival 2012. Another great news after the film also appeared on Busan Film Festival, Korea 2011, We are proud to be a part of this team, as you may know theres a lot of challenge neither in technical aspect or sounds concept in making sound designs for this film. Shelter is a short film with one shots technique also no-dialogue and the scoring music show only at the end of the film.


















Director Ismail Basbeth
Producer Suryo Adhi Wiyogo
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Print source Hide Project Indonesia
Scenario Ismail Basbeth
Cast Hananda Hutami Putri
Krisna E. Putranto
Photography Budi Arifianto
Editor Ismail Basbeth
Production design Beni Arjuna
Sound design Lintang Enrico, Rangga Sang Eshayoga
Music Teguh Hari
Length 16′